Studies show that online shoppers are 68% more likely to open a retailer’s email during the holiday season than at any other time of year

Christmas is a time of gifting and consumers are more willing to spend their money on during this festive period. This is a great opportunity to communicate with your consumers and come up with a creative email campaign to give your brand that Christmas spirit.

Send your sale mail early

Black Friday is the new Christmas, and while consumers will always rush instore for some late shopping on the 23rd and 24th, for online retailers Black Friday is a must-have. So, don’t let the hype of Black Friday die down, continue to send out exciting campaigns and keep it going right up until Christmas.

Engage with festive inspiration & gift ideas

A festive Christmas email campaign doesn’t always need to be a hard sell. Inspire and drive traffic to your site with Christmas decor ideas, gift ideas, and overall festive inspiration. Great content will drive traffic to your site as sure as a discounted sale.

Set up a gift marathon

What do consumers love more than a sale? A sale right on top of a sale! By putting together a Festive Gift Marathon, you’re not only creating a buzz and a tremendous hype for your brand but ensuring that those gifts Susan forgot to buy for her Aunt Bertha comes straight out of your store – and no one else’s.

Give back, leave selling behind entirely

Gifting to others is the core Christmas spirit, so share a heartfelt message of Christmas thanks by taking part in a charitable cause and inviting your users to do the same. Not only are you doing good, you’re also sharing a bit more about your brand’s mission and vision from the causes that you support and champion.

Clean up the house before you start your Festive Christmas Email Campaign

Just like you’ll clean the house before your relatives arrive for Christmas, you’ll also clean up your mailing list and database before you start your festive Christmas email campaigns.

  • Delete or segment in-active users.
  • Segment active users into categories that will help you provide relevant information to them.
  • Personalise all your email communications
  • Double-check your opt-in and CPA compliance – don’t just assume because users have bought your product online that they have opted-in to your newsletter