Use these tips to make the most of the biggest spending season of the year:

Make it personal

Personalise the subject line and body of the mailer.

Tailor your emails directly to your audience and their specific needs/buying habits.

If your database is segmented, it should be easy to personalise the mailers.

Sneak peeks of upcoming sales

Use email marketing campaigns to show your subscribers a peek into the specials you’ll be running for the holiday season.

By creating curiosity your subscribers are likely to open the emails to see what you have planned!

Encourage them to share this with friends, by including the viral element, the friends might also sign up to find out what is coming and you can grow your list.

Include special offers for your database

They’ve subscribed for a reason, now it is time to make them feel special and ‘exclusive.’

Make it clear when an offer is only for subscribers and make it easy for them to buy. Offering free delivery, discounts, etc. can go a long way to encourage your subscribers to buy.

Grab attention with hero images and great subject lines

Using big bold images is an easy way to make your campaign eye-catching, showcasing your products and keeping you front of mind – all in one go!

Ensure that your subject line is catchy and intriguing, we are all consumers, what will entice you to open an email?

Create urgency, e.g. countdown timer

One way to ensure your subscribers will jump at the offers you throw is to make them urgent. Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal! A countdown timer will show them how much time is left and it will create that sense of urgency.