These days, many marketers are looking for modern ways to reach their audience, from social media platforms to chatbots and Instagram influencers. But tried-and-true email marketing is still proving to be one of the most effective marketing tactics. Here’s how to get started:

Send a warm welcome.

A welcome email is the first contact your business makes to a new subscriber, so you want to really impress. Your welcome email should include a warm greeting, a “thanks for subscribing,” and possibly a confirmation of subscription. Since this email gets sent to every new contact in your list, it’s good to automate this process. This email can be set up to be sent automatically whenever a new address is added to the list.

Don’t forget to send reminders.

Sending emails reminding customers of any special offers, promotions, or events should be a part of your marketing strategy, although this process can be time-consuming and taxing.

Nurture your customer base.

One of the main objectives of email marketing automation is to create and nurture a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. Create high-quality content and deliver this to your customer base automatically in the most effective and meaningful way.

Points for loyalty.

Create a thank you email that’s automatically sent to your customer base. Include a reward as a token of your appreciation, which can be in the form of a coupon, discount, free trial, voucher, or anything else your business can offer.

Remember those inactive customers.

While you nurture your existing customers, don’t forget about the inactive ones. Email marketing automation can help you re-engage with past customers. Automate a series of emails to be sent to past customers who are no longer active. The goal here is to potentially get the customer back and boost your sales.

Saying goodbye.

Automation can be used to create emails to send to customers who have canceled their account. While no one wants to see a valued customer go, sending an email confirming their cancellation not only gives the customer peace of mind, but also the confidence to potentially return one day.