Create value gated content

Gated content is a great way to generate qualified leads for your business. Whether it’s an e-book, free cheat sheet or gating the content on your website for sign-ups or members only, you’ll consistently continue to grow your mailing list.  Most important would be for the gated content to be valuable to the end-user – make sure it’s quality content before you gate it!

Host Webinars.

Another type of gated quality content is hosting webinars and getting users to register their details to attend. These leads can then be added to your CRM system and your mailing list will keep on growing. Do your research on topics your audience is interested in, get guest speakers or give demos of your product. Give users a reason for attending – like all gated content quality and value is imperative.

“Update to win” competitions

There’s a very good reason why competitions and giveaways are old fan favourites. They are tried and tested – and they work. Make sure that the prize is relevant to your industry, product or service and be very clear about why you want to update your user details. If the end value to the consumer is unclear, then there’s a good chance they will unsubscribe.

Offer a discount for sign-ups

Ecommerce retailers have this technique down pat. By giving users a discount when they sign-up you’re ensuring that they 1) sign-up in the first place 2) browse your site to see what they would spend their free R100 on 3) create immense value of the first purchase – all the user will remember is their first purchase was awesome and cheaper than it should have been. And so, a loyal customer is born.